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Zoo Exhibits

Posted by Dave on November 26, 2009

The Cat House.

Left side open pit enclosure.

Left side cage row.

Center entrance.

Right side cage row.

Right side open pit enclosure.

The North American Zoo Exhibit.

American Bald Eagles. A door in the back wall allows the zoo employees access to the cages.

Golden Eagles & Hawks. The hawk cage has small caves and ledges in the wall for nesting and roosting.

Maintenance & Stage support Building This building also contains the bird hospital and has access to the Rapture cages via a passage way in the hill.

The North American Stage A little worse for the wear. The cantilever roof fell down in a heavy snow storm. Well at least that is what I told the insurance company. That’s the last time I hire cheep contractors.

Two Future enclosures. Originally these enclosures where going to be for Bighorn Sheep and Coyotes but later I thought that would be a bad mix – those poor sheep! Now I might use it for foxes and some other animals. Or I may just demolish it entirely and I’ll put in a restaurant.

The Skunk & Beaver Pond. Notice the tree growing out of the nurse log. This is common in North West woods.

The Water Fowl area. The flamingos and the herons are hand made.

The Prairie Dogs pen. Every day those dogs keep asking me when can we move in.

Still to be added to this Exhibit will be the food court and shops.

Future Exhibit space

The Australian Zoo Exhibit

Kangaroo enclosure.

There will be a sun house located to the far left of this enclosure to give the roos respite form the sun. there will also be a large tree just next to the king hill.

Koala, Wombat & Goanna enclosure.

There will be a eucalyptus tree in the center of this enclosure. Glass dividers will separate this enclosure from the Kangaroo enclosure and walls and gates will be installed next to the hall to give access to the two separate enclosures.

Dingo enclosure.

There will be a tree located next to the dugout spot in the center of the enclosure and a den will be built next to the hall with viewing from the lower window.

Australian Exhibit Hall

Left side view of Hall showing the service and animal doors.

Center view, note the Australian map on the elevator.

Right side view showing the service and animal doors.

Left side top view, note the art work on the walls and the floor.

Center top view. The upper level will be an information area. Yet to be installed are railings and stares to the lower level, but the elevator works.

Right side top view. Here you can better see the elevator.

These Boabob trees will be planted in and around the Australian exhibit. These trees are common in southern Africa, Madagascar and Australia.

Much of this exhibit is still incomplete the Exhibit hall will need railing and stairs, there will be terrariums located on the upper and lower floors for housing insects and small animals.
(Does anyone know where I can get any HO scale grubs)
The enclosures will need railing and there trees to be planted. The front of the display will have a chain link fence. And I have not yet started the Atrium which will be located on the other side of the Dingo enclosure. Also you may have noticed the arcade wall behind the Roo enclosure that is where the shops and restaurants will be and the main entrance to the Australian Exhibit will be through one of the arches. Oh yah and people lots and lots of people.

Faller Zoo Exhibits

I have acquired some of the new Faller enclosures. When I got my first kit it turned out to be better then I imagined. It is highly detailed and it is pre-painted, even the out building is painted and weathered. Overall these kits are amazing.

The Faller Penguin enclosure. This is my first Faller kit.

The Faller Zoo Entrance is the next item I acquired.

The Faller Polar Bear exhibit. This kit was ordered at the same time as the Entrance but it was on back order.

The Faller Ape Enclosure exhibit is the last item I acquired.

Future Zoo Exhibits

I hope to start working on a north American Game Park and The African Safari Park. There will also be a Reptile Exhibit.

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