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Posted by Dave on October 11, 2009

A little background history

A number of things over the years influenced me in this grand venture of building not one but five scale model parks and attractions. I guess it all started back when I was a small child of about 6. We were living in Oregon or northern California, (we moved back and forth between OR and CA) it was 1962 and the World’s Fair was held in Seattle now I am not sure if I actually went to the fair or just experienced it through television. I have vivid memories of the fair whether they were real or virtual is not relevant because I was still impacted by the event. The first time I attended a Circus was while we were living in northern California just outside if Sacramento. It was a small circus we sat in folding bleachers eating peanuts and watching all the acts I liked the clowns the best. After the show we got to tour the menagerie. I stood face to face with a full grown elephant. It’s sad that most kids today don’t get that kind of opportunity most circuses are held in large arenas where you sit so far from the center ring the elephants just look like large pigs with trunks. Gone is the smell of musty canvas of sawdust. Oh well that’s progress. Sacramento is also where I first visited a Zoo and the State Fair. I made many trips to the Zoo both with my family and field trips with my school. I guess it was there in Sacramento that this young boy had the same dream most young boy my age had- to run away and join a carnival, or a circus or maybe work at a Zoo. Most people who knew me in my youth probably thought I would work at a zoo because I always had a lot of pets and not just the usual cat or dog. I had turtles and tadpoles, lizards and snakes, birds and tropical fish, various small mammals. I even had a pet tarantula. When we lived in the country we had the usual collection cows, horses, goats, chickens and other poultry. Animals played an important roll in my life.

Around the age of nine we moved to southern California there I spent the better part of my adolescent and teen years. It was there in Los Angles that I was introduced to the amusement park. After all southern California is the birth place of the world’s first modern amusement theme park Disneyland and I was there for its inception. It is not possible to tell you exactly how many times I went to Disneyland. In summers of my teen years it was my second home. Walt Disney was my idle I wanted to be just like him. Alas for me there will only be one Disneyland the Disneyland of my youth. Walt designed Disneyland to be a movie with a story at every turn. Disneyland had a unique way of entertaining and educating at the same time. When they took out the Mission to Inter-space when they remodeled the Caracal of Progress and removed the submarines was the beginning of the end of Walt’s Disneyland. He wanted us to experience the joys of a tropical rain forest, to hear the beautiful music of singing birds. Not sit and listen to a loud obnoxious parrot tell dirty jokes. As you can tell I am a bit possessive of the Disneyland of my youth. Yes I even miss the E tickets. Of coarse Disneyland is not the only amusement park in southern California. There is Knox Berry Farm and Magic Mountain as soon as my brother and I got a car Magic Mountain was the park for us thrill seeking teens. Roller coasters and thrill rides and a third the price of Disneyland. It was a bit of a drive but with gas at less the $.30 a gallon who cared.

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