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This is my HO scale carnival, amusement park, fair and zoo site.


Posted by Dave on November 22, 2009

The future of MiniCarny, to begin with we need to look at the underline reason for the whole MiniCarny concept, “The root idea.” MiniCarny is a collection of family orientated parks done in miniature, in this case HO scale miniature parks. At this time I have five parks Fun Mountain, a Carnival, a County Fair, a Circus and a Zoo.

No new parks will be worked on until these first five parks are completed, though pulmonary planning is on-going for future parks. One future park will be a water-park. In addition to theme-type commercial parks, “Pay parks.” I will be adding family orientated outdoor adventure areas, like: a ski resort, a camping and fishing site, a skate park and an off-road area with trails and dunes and many other high-adventure activates.

The primary MiniCarny display will be dedicated to these family orientated activity areas as the display reaches completion I will eventually add a small town and maybe a farm, (I like Farms). As well as my restaurant row. Which will consist of various fast-food restaurant’s like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Dari King, White Castle and others I have collected.

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