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The Parks

Posted by Dave on November 22, 2009

Welcome to MiniCarny Amusement Parks.

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The Parks

Park Status

Fun Mountain

This park is a theme based park much like that of Disneyland. It will also be the home of my Roller coasters.

To Be Revamped

The Carnival

This park will be arranged like a typical traveling carnival. With as large a midway as I can assemble.

In Acquisition stage

The County Fair

This attraction will be laid out much like fairs here in Oregon. It will also have a horse race track.

In the build stage

The Circus

This attraction will be small with a main tent and a menagerie. It will also have trackage to park my circus trains.

The circus has arrived!
Well at least the tent has.

The Zoo

This park will have all kinds of animals even a safari park.

North American exhibit near completion.
Australian exhibit started

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