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Zoo Sponsors

Posted by Dave on May 9, 2011

Below is a list of Zoo Sponsors

(Zoo Sponsors are companies for which I acquire my animals and supplies for the Zoo. While they are not economic sponsors they are important supporters of HO scale zoo figures and supplies.)
These sponsors are in alphabetical order.

Some of these Sponsors do not have their own websites so I have provided alternate sites or linked them to their Walthers page indicated by(w).


Airfix was a maker of OO-HO scale figure kits mostly for war-game and historical play as well as model planes. This company went out of business and was restarted by an another group. This new group is concentrating on the war-game and model part of the business.
Airfix made two zoo sets which are in unpainted yellowish soft plastic. They also made a now rare Tarzan set with jungle animals. These sets are mostly in OO scale though most of the figures are prefect for HO.
I have a random assortment of these figures.

For information on these Airfix sets check out Plastic Soldiers website

Faller Gmbh

Faller Gmbh a maker of multi-scale figure and buildings primarily for the model railroad hobby. They make a few animal sets mostly European deer. I have most if not all of there figure sets. They also make a number of zoo enclosures. I have the Ape, Penguin, Polar Bear enclosures and the Zoo Entrance.


Kerroby models is located in Australia they make highly detailed white metal figures of Australian figures and animals. Unfortunately they do not have a website and only sell to Australian retailers. Below are two vendors that list Kerroby models products. I have some of these figures and they are great.

Find these figures at:
Horizon Hobbies of Australia or Casula Hobbies


Merten is the manufacturer of HO Scale detailed plastic figures – mostly European wild game but they do have an ape set. I have most if not all of there figure sets. I have been waiting for some time for the wild boars set, though they have not yet released them.

Neal’s N-Gauging Trains (w)

Neal’s N-Gauging Trains manufactures painted white metal vehicles and accessories as well as etched brass kits and etched brass details and foliage. They have a small collection of wild birds and varmints. At this time I have none of their products.

Preiser Kg

Preiser offers an extensive line of hand painted, plastic figures, vehicles and detailing accessories. Preiser carries over 1500 products including figures in 13 different scales. Preiser figures make up the lion share of my zoo inventory.

Selley Finishing Touches (w)

Selley Finishing Touches’ products include pewter detail and scenic parts. They carry a small assortment of standard zoo animals, Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Camel and elk.

Vollmer Gmbh

Vollmer manufactures highly detailed, high quality structures and catenary sets. They carry a small amount of figures. They do have a deer set which I have though I am not aware of any other zoo type animals from this manufacture.

Woodland Scenics Co

Woodland Scenics has a long line of scenery items that are easy to use and produce realistic results. Their new Scenic Accents Figure are highly detailed and the carry some western wild animals. I have the wolf set and some of the others. I have also used some of their pewter dogs as wolfs.

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