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Zoo Modules

Posted by Dave on November 27, 2011

Below are drawings of my planed Zoo modules. There are 4 main modules and plans to add some smaller frontage modules as the zoo expands. The bench work is complete on the 4 main modules, they are 30″ inches deep and 72″ inches long. The cork roadbeds are laid and they are now waiting on trackage.

Module A

Module A is the first module. On this module there are three HO scale mainline tracks that enter the module on the left then merge and divide into four lines before ducking under an overpass and disappearing into a hillside. Right of the overpass is the Zoo’s North American Exhibits. This area is at the same grade height as the trackage at the left. The magenta area is a hillside that hides the tracks. There will be additional exhibits on this raised area. There is also a plan to have a second entrance on this upper level. The streets will eventually have street car tracks. The town store front is a back-drop at the back sky-board of the module display.

Module B

Module B is the second module. This is the main zoo exhibit area. This area will house the bulk of the zoo animals that don’t have a defined area. In time I may fully define this area. The main zoo area will be where I will place the Faller Zoo exhibits.

Penguin Enclosure

Penguin Enclosure

Polar Bear Exhibit

Polar Bear Exhibit

Ape Enclosure

Ape Enclosure

Module C

Module C is the third module. This module like module B is a main zoo exhibit area. This area will also house the bulk of the zoo animals that don’t have a defined area. In time it too will be fully defined. This module has a larger raised area. This is the location of the Main Zoo entrance.
The Faller Zoo Entrance

Module D

Module D is the forth module. This will be the location of the Safari Park and where you will see most of the African animals. On this module you will see the three mainline tracks leaving their tunnels and returning to the front of the display.

Frontage modules

These frontage modules will be 15″ inches deep by 72″ inches long, half the width of the main modules. The design of these modules is not yet defined but the images below represent the basic layout of these modules. Note the addition of a monorail line that runs the length of the 4 modules and turns up to module A this monorail will be continued onto the A module.

Module E

Module F

Module G

Module H

Australia Module

This is a modification of the F and G modules and will be the home of the Australian Exhibits.
For more information on the various Exhibits please go to the Zoo Exhibits page.

Below are images of the 4 main Zoo modules with just the HO scale trackage.

Module A, shows the 3 mainlines and a 4th hidden line which is set at 2" inches below grade. What you can't see from this image is that lines L1-A and L2-B/L3-A drop at a -2% grade, L1-B/L2-A rise at a +2% grade and L3-B drops at a rapped 4% grade. This seem extreme for model railroading but this is an escape line made for descending only. The colors are just to help to follow the track pathes.

Here on module B, the first and third lines continue there -2% grade until they achieve 2" inches below grade. At that point they merge with themselves and L4. The second line continues its ascension at +2% grade before leveling out at 2" inches above grade. This will allow the other lines to pass under it.

Module C, might look a bit confusing but lets just say that it dose work out as planed. On this module the various lines reverse their ascending and descending at +or- 2% grade. While L4 continues at 2" inches below grade. Note there is another escape line to L4 this one is about a 3% grade.

Now here on module D, all 3 mainlines come back together and exit out the edge of the display at the same spacing as they started on module A.

So why all of the up and down? Well my main interest is in model railroading and with these 4 modules I am able to take any train on any of the 4 tracks at one end and exit it at the other end without interfering with another train on another track.
In short two trains could enter on L1 and L2 then exit L2 and L1 respectively without crashing into each other. Or an eastbound train could enter the tunnel on module A..L1 and another westbound train could enter the tunnel on module D…L1 and both would exit unharmed.

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