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Minitown Carnival

Posted by Dave on November 22, 2009

The Carnival

The carnival display will be designed to fit between the County Fair and Fun Mountain Park. The main purpose of the carnival will be to support the fair but Fun Mountain will have access to the carnival. Even though the carnival will be a support for the fair it will be designed as a stand-alone park with its own entrances. By being a stand-alone park the carnival could be used with other future parks.

The Carnival layout will be that of a typical traveling carnival. The only rule to the ride arrangement is that the taller rides will be towards the back and the smaller rides will be towards the front. This will give the viewing public a clear view of all the rides.

The actual dimensions of the display and final arrangement won’t be determined until I begin construction of the display. This will allow me to plan for any new rides and concessions.

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