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Minitown Circus

Posted by Dave on November 22, 2009

The Circus

Great News

The circus has just arrived. Well that is I just bought a tent on ebay. It is a small three ring tent open on the long side. It is used but in good condition. I will be using it for my main big top but I still plain on getting a Gem City Amusements tent in the future then this tent will be used for a back-show or maybe the menagerie tent.

The irony is that my first preamble into the world of HO scale circus and carnival modeling came with the purchase of the Walthers release of the Circus World Train set. It came in monthly installments. Each month I would pick up a new kit. Most of the kit came with two cars. I would spend the next few days assembling the cars then wait all the rest of the month for the next kit. This circus train release spawned the supplementary release of circus loads and carnival rides. So it could be said that the circus train started it all. Yet at this time all I have collected are circus rail cars and circus loads. (Wagons and such) My circus trains include the Circus World cars, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey cars and Royal American Shows cars. I have yet to collect any structures (Tents) for a circus. Gem City Amusements make a great looking tent unfortunately the circus is a little short of funds and it costs $200.00. So the circus display will be one of the last displays I build.

When I do decide to build a module for my circus I will design it based in the overall dimensions of Gem City’s main tent and sideshow tent. A 48-inch X 30-inch module would most likely do the job. That is unless I want a scene of a circus parade. Then I would have to model a town as well. In the mean time the circus will just have to stay in route.

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